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you can choose by your self the service setup that you want we will care of it for you.

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Setup Your Domain You need to purchased domain service. We are give you three option for domain name are relevant to your online business. You need to let us know what you like and we will setup the domain for you. The domain cost is annual fee.
When you are purchased a domain you need to publish the domain in hosting account. Our service is to setup your hosting account and setup your new domain inside your hosting account. hosting account is annual payment. the first year are include in this purchased.
SSL is the web security program are protect your website from hacking your hosting account. Our service is to setup your new SSL program in to your hosting account. SSL is annual payment and the first year include in this purchased.
After you setup all the basic step. You can start to work with your website and the first thing that you need to do is to upload the WordPress File. Our service is to upload the WordPress file to your hosting and setup the website for you after we done to setup the program you can start to design your website. the WordPress Program are free you will be charge only for the services setup.
You need to register a new Email account to your Website. our service is to setup your first Email and get it done for you. It will look like this “” This service is free and include with all Website setup services.


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